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C language keywords and their types| identifiers | printf,scanf,

    C language keywords and identifers & their types

Hello friends today in this post . I tell you about C language keywords and their types, identifiers, and their functions and definitions with examples.
C language keywords types identifiers
C language keywords and their types identifiers
C language keywords and their types


Keywords are the words hoes meaning has already been known to compiler there are 32 keywords in C language.

Key words in c language
  •          Auto
  •         Char
  •         Break
  •         Case
  •         Constant
  •         Continue
  •         Default
  •         Do
  •         Double
  •         Else
  •         enuam
  •         extern
  •         float
  •         for
  •         goto
  •         if
  •         int
  •         long
  •         register
  •         return
  •         short
  •         signed
  •         size of
  •         static
  •         struct
  •         switch
  •         type def
  •         union
  •         unsigned
  •         void
  •         volatile
  •         while
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 Identifier: ANSI

(American national standards institute c language)
  1. First letter must be alphabet or
  2. Second character is allowed
  3. Only digit alphabet underscore are allowed not symbol allowed
  4. Keywords cannot be and use identifier Length 32 or more than.

Structure of C language program

  1. C program consists of one or more function.
  2. A function is a set of statement and variable. The statement specify the computing operation table 10 and the variable hold the value of computation.
  3. Every c program must have a function man execution of a C program begin at the beginning of man.
  4. The main function is a special function used by C function tell the program.

*START every program must have exattly main function. If we used more than one function.
*The compiler can not tell which are mark the beginning of the program Main function has no argument.

# include<stdio.h>

The beginning of all program that use any input outputlibrary function.


Printf is a pre defined standard C function for printing output. It  is a function that has already been written and compile linked together . With our program.

The main function

The main function is a part of C program. Permit different form of main statement are allowed. printf and scanf are function defines in the standard library functions are defined in<stdio.h>

Scanf(“             “)

Which can read data from keywords specify the address of location where data is read. Basically scanf function used for inputting data from user.

   Note.  :-  In C language everything is written in lowercase.

Header file

Header file provide information to the the compiler on the function and other value. We use in our program. We need to # include<stdio.h> provides information of printf and scanf function.

Library function

the beginning of all program that use only  input and output library function.


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