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computer programming languages knowledge for beginners | types of computer language

computer programming languages knowledge for beginners

I am jitendra  kasotia  tells you there are many computer language in the world. who person wants to become coding expert  beginner to pro .it is important that he/she  know computer basic language  types and definitions for becoming pro programmer.
computer programming language
computer programming languages knowledge for bignners
A language is the main medium of communicating between the computer system and the most common are the programming languages. Computer only understands binary number that is zero and one to perform various operation on a computer.

Every computer languages has a vocabulary of its own. Each word in the vocabulary has a definate unambiguous meaning that can be looked up in the manual of that language. A computer must also be used as per  the set rules, known as Syntaxrules, of the language. In case of a programming language , unless a programmer address exactly, to the Syntax rules of the language, even down to the punctuation marks, a computer will not understand his instructions.

computer programming languages knowledge for beginners

a computer programming  language includes various languages that are used to communicate with a computer machine machine codes is also considered as a computer language that can be used for programming.

There are two types of computer languages:-

  • High level language
  • Low level language

High level level language:-

The high level language are are the most used for programming language that helps in programmer to read right it and maintain. It is third generation language.  The high level languages has enabled the use of computers to solve programs even bi known expert users. This has allowed many users, without any background in computer science and engineering, to become computer programmers. There is very high level language like C,  fortran and pascal that are less independent and also  the programmer to write program.

  • JAVA
  • C
  • C++

Low level languages

Low level languages are the machine codes in which the instructions are given in machine language in the form 0 and 1 to a computer system. The main function of the low level language is to  manage ,  operate and manipulate the hardware and system components. The most famous and the base of all programming language “ C” are mostly used low level languages till today.
types of computer language
types of computer language by coding knowledge

The low level language divided two parts:- 

  1.  machine language
  2.  assembly language

Machine language as computer programming language

It is one of the low level language which is the firstgeneration language developed for communicating language in 0 and 1 form. No need of a translated to translate code. Difficult to find errors in program to we write.

Example:- 10110011001111

There are typical operations included in instruction set of a computer are in machine language :-

  1. Arithmetic operations
  2. Logical operations
  3. Data movement operation for moving data between main memory location and register
  4. Data movement operations for moving data from input to output device

Assembly language as computer programming

It is second generation language. The programs that have been written using words ,names and symbols in assembly language are converted to machine language using assembler. Assembler is a converter. A program written in assembly language is called assembly language program or symbol program.

computer programming languages knowledge for beginners

START  DATA         AT  1000


The essence of this post comes out that a computer has two types high-language languages ​​and a low-level language. Every computer programmer used this programming language for application developing and programming.

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