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jitendra kasotia

My name is Jitendra kasotia (@jitendra_kasotia) • . And I also interested in technology in computer information and internet. 
coding knowledge
coding knowledge

In this blog/website you get all knowledge about whats types programming teaching in BCA course. main motives for creating  this blog is I am facing many problems during learning programming.

many students complete their assignment project files using my methods and samples . this blog helping me for learning seo.
because the world is very big in information and lots of knowledge.

whats you get in this blog:-

  1. c notes
  2. assignment file projects
  3. c programmes
  4. java basic
  5. html knowledge
  6. computer tips
  7. and many more full of knowledge.

I also believe in share knowledge to every peoples.I like to send my information and knowledge to who peoples doesn't know about computer and technology and many basic of computers.

I am pursuing BCA at maharishi arvind university Jaipur. And now I am working on my websites Tranding tech and Coding Knowledge

I am writing content in Hindi language on my website or blog so you get every basic informations about computer and how to tips in Hindi in simple language. And I share my knowledge on YouTube channel as known as Jitendra Kasotia .

About us:-

Name   -   Jitendra kasotia

city -Jaipur

state - Rajasthan 

pin code -302012

gmail- jitendrakasotiya306@gmail.com

connect  on instagram -    Jitendra-kasotia

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